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S01E09 The Real Content Creation Journey Begins

Dont pick generic and boring topics yet be relevant to the industry needs from the perspective of our offerings at brandingbum

Jun 21, 2023

Shubham's Prompt

bumgpt suggest me a series of highly valuable content in the style of august bradley and chris do from the futur. the idea is to create structured playlists on youtube that educate my potential audience and shows them the nitty gritties of content creation and content strategy. And encourages them to subscribe to our done for you video services as a result of trust, credibility and high value exchange. Dont pick generic and boring topics yet be relevant to the industry needs from the perspective of our offerings at brandingbum

Shubham's Prompt

Bumgpt Now create one more set playlists for similar content structure but focus on showcasing brandingbum as a go to authority in the content creation field. Use the trending topics of AI to gain massive reach and virality.

Response by BumGPT

Absolutely, creating valuable content is an exceptional way to build trust, showcase expertise, and convert your audience into customers. Taking inspiration from thought leaders like August Bradley and Chris Do, here's a series of content ideas in line with your brand:

1. Mastering Video Content Strategy Series:

Treat the journey to creating a video content strategy as embarking on a fascinating new trip. Start from basics and slowly build up the excitement.

- Video 1: The Basics of a Winning Video Content Strategy

   - Node: Understanding Video Content Strategy 

     - Sub-node: What is a video content strategy? 

     - Sub-node: Why is a video content strategy important for your brand? 

   - Node: Elements of Video Content Strategy 

     - Sub-node: What are the key elements that make up a solid video content strategy? 

     - Sub-node: How do these elements work together to achieve your brand's goals? 

   - Node: Starting Your Journey 

     - Sub-node: How to begin creating your video content strategy? 

     - Sub-node: What are the common mistakes to avoid when starting out? 

- Video 2: Choosing the Right Video Formats for Your Brand

Compare different video formats to tools in a toolbox. Guide your viewers to choose the right 'tool' for their brand's unique 'job'.

   - Node: Understanding Video Formats 

     - Sub-node: What are the various video formats available? 

     - Sub-node: How does the choice of format affect your content? 

   - Node: Matching Formats to Your Brand 

     - Sub-node: How to choose the right format that aligns with your brand identity? 

     - Sub-node: What are some examples of brands using different formats effectively? 

   - Node: Versatility of Video Formats 

     - Sub-node: How can various formats be used in a single strategy? 

     - Sub-node: What is the future of video formats in content marketing? 

- Video 3: Setting SMART Goals for Your Video Content

Use the metaphor of a roadmap for setting SMART goals. Guide your viewers on how to chart out this map for their video content journey.

   - Node: The Importance of SMART Goals 

     - Sub-node: What are SMART goals and why are they important? 

     - Sub-node: How do SMART goals contribute to a successful video content strategy? 

   - Node: Setting Your Own SMART Goals 

     - Sub-node: How to set SMART goals for your video content? 

     - Sub-node: What are some examples of SMART goals in video content marketing? 

   - Node: Measuring Progress 

     - Sub-node: How do you measure progress towards your SMART goals? 

     - Sub-node: How do you adjust your strategy based on these measurements? 

- Video 4: Mapping Your Customer Journey with Video Content

Discuss the customer journey as an expedition through unknown territory, showing how video content guides them at each step.

   - Node: Understanding the Customer Journey 

     - Sub-node: What is the customer journey and why is it important? 

     - Sub-node: How does video content fit into the customer journey? 

   - Node: Mapping Video Content to the Journey 

     - Sub-node: How to map your video content to different stages of the customer journey? 

     - Sub-node: What are some examples of effective video content at different stages of the journey? 

   - Node: The Hero's Journey Framework 

     - Sub-node: What is the Hero's Journey framework and how does it relate to the customer journey? 

     - Sub-node: How can you use the Hero's Journey framework in your video content strategy? 

- Video 5: How to Measure the Success of Your Video Content Strategy

Frame this as the culmination of a journey. Discuss metrics and KPIs as milestones and the final destination.

   - Node: Importance of Measuring Success 

     - Sub-node: Why is it important to measure the success of your video content strategy? 

     - Sub-node: How does measuring success contribute to the evolution of your strategy? 

   - Node: Key Performance Indicators 

     - Sub-node: What are key performance indicators (KPIs) in video content marketing? 

     - Sub-node: How to select the right KPIs for your strategy? 

   - Node: Using Data to Improve 

     - Sub-node: How to use data from your measurements to improve your strategy? 

     - Sub-node: What are some examples of adjustments made based on these measurements? 


2. Creating Impactful Video Content Series:

Video 1: 'The Blueprint: Crafting a Powerful Video Script' :

Treat the video script as a blueprint for constructing a building (an impactful video).

Video 2: 'Mixing the Ingredients: The Essential Elements of a Successful Promo Video' :

Discuss elements of a promo video as ingredients for a gourmet dish, emphasizing the art of choosing and combining elements.

Video 3: 'A Hands-On Guide: Creating Engaging How-To Videos' :

Frame this as a step-by-step tutorial, with each step unfolding a new part of the process.

Video 4: 'Narrating the Tale: The Art of Storytelling in Video Content' :

Discuss storytelling techniques by weaving an engaging tale that binds your viewers.

Video 5: 'Video Editing Masterclass: The Do's and Don'ts' :

This could be framed as a masterclass where the viewers learn the rules of the trade - video editing.

These concepts should be more professional while also maintaining an engaging storyline to keep your viewers hooked.


3. Demystifying Video Production Series:

Video 1: 'Backstage Access: Behind the Scenes of Video Production' :

Give your audience a peek behind the curtain to understand how the magic of video production happens.

Video 2: 'Selecting Your Arsenal: The Right Tools for Video Production' :

Discuss tools as weapons in a soldier's arsenal, emphasizing the strategic importance of choosing the right ones.

Video 3: 'The Director's Cut: How to Plan and Organize a Video Shoot' :

Imagine the viewer as a director on set, guiding them through planning and organization of a shoot.

Video 4: 'After the Curtains Close: An Overview of Post-Production Workflow' :

Use the metaphor of what happens when the curtains close on a play to describe the unseen but critical post-production process.

Video 5: 'Tackling the Titans: Navigating Common Challenges in Video Production' :

Frame common challenges as titans to be tackled in the epic journey of video production.


4. Leveraging Video Content for Business Growth Series:

- Video 1: Why Every Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

- Why Video Marketing? 

        - Sub-nodes:  

            - Why is video content crucial for businesses? 

            - Can you share some success stories of businesses that have leveraged video content? 

            - How does video content help in engaging the audience?

            - What are some beginner-friendly tips for businesses looking to start with video marketing? 

- Video 2: Driving Sales & Accelerating Revenue with Video Content

            - How can video content help increase sales? 

            - Can you give examples of effective video sales strategies? 

            - What are some tips for creating video content that converts? 

            - Can you share some strategies for creating sales-driving video content? 

            - What are some common mistakes businesses make when using video content for sales and how can these be avoided? 

- Video 3: How to Use Video Content for Customer Onboarding

            - How can video content facilitate customer onboarding? 

            - What are the key elements of an effective onboarding video? 

            - Can you share some best practices for creating onboarding videos? 

- Video 4: Case Study: Successful Brands winning with Video Content

            - Can you share some case studies of brands that have effectively used video content? 

            - How have these brands measured the success of their video content strategy? 

            - What lessons can be learned from these success stories? 

            - How can these case studies be applied to different industries or business types? 

- Video 5: How to Scale Your Business to new heights with Video Content

            - How can video content help a business grow? 

            - What are some strategies for effectively using video content for business growth? 

            - Can you share tips for creating impactful video content for business growth?  


5. The Power of Outsourcing Video Production Series:

- Video 1: Why Outsource Your Video Production Needs

            - What are the benefits of outsourcing video production? 

            - When should a company consider outsourcing its video production? 

            - How does outsourcing video production impact the bottom line? 

        - What are some challenges businesses might face when producing video content in-house?

- Video 2: Finding the right Partner: How to Choose the Right Video Production Service

            - What factors should be considered when choosing a video production service? 

            - How does one ensure the chosen service aligns with their brand and audience? 

            - Can you share tips for negotiating contracts with video production services? 

- Video 3: 'Cost and Time Efficiency: The Outsourcing Advantage

            - How can outsourcing video production save time and resources? 

            - Can you share some red flags or common mistakes businesses make when outsourcing video production?

            - Can you share a success story of a company that benefited from outsourcing its video

- Video 4: Case Study: Success Stories of Outsourcing Video Production

            - Can you share case studies of businesses that found success through outsourcing their video production? 

            - What strategies did these businesses use to ensure successful collaboration with their video production service? 

            - What lessons can we learn from these success stories? 

- Video 5: Maximizing Returns: The ROI of Outsourced Video Production

            - How can businesses maximize the ROI from outsourced video production? 

            - Can you share tips for measuring and tracking the success of outsourced video projects? 

            - What are some common mistakes to avoid when outsourcing video production? 

- Video 5: Partnering with BrandingBum: Step into the Future of Video Content

             - What are some common misconceptions about the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing video production? 

            - How can businesses maximize the returns on their outsourced video production investment?

            - How can businesses ensure they're getting the most from their outsourced services?  


1. Understanding AI in Content Creation Series:

- Video 1: The Rise of AI in Content Creation: An Introduction

- Video 2: How AI is Revolutionizing Video Production

- Video 3: Utilizing AI Tools for Effective Video Editing

- Video 4: Future of AI in Content Strategy and Marketing

- Video 5: Overcoming Challenges in AI-Driven Content Creation

 (Theme: Educational and Fun - focusing on various aspects of content creation, featuring BrandingBum services.)

- Video 6: Creating Impact: Essential Elements of a Successful Promo Video

- Video 7: Mastering How-To Videos: A Guide to Engagement

- Video 8: Creating Viral Hooks: The Secret to Engaging Content

- Video 9: Brand Storytelling: Showcasing BrandingBum’s Expertise

- Video 10: Beyond the Basics: Advanced Strategies in Content Creation

2. AI and Video Marketing for Businesses Series:

- Video 1: Leveraging AI for Personalized Video Content

- Video 2: AI and Video Analytics: Gaining Insights for Better Marketing

- Video 3: Case Study: Successful AI-Driven Video Marketing Campaigns

- Video 4: Staying Ahead: Future Trends in AI and Video Marketing

- Video 5: The AI Revolution: How AI is Transforming Video Marketing

- Video 6: The AI Personalizer: Crafting Video Content Just For You

- Video 7: The Great AI Detective: Unraveling Video Marketing Insights

- Video 8: Case Files: When AI-Driven Video Marketing Campaigns Win Big

- Video 9: The AI Crystal Ball: Predicting Future Trends in Video Marketing

- Video 10: Our Journey: Incorporating AI into Video Production

- Video 11: How BrandingBum Utilizes AI for Superior Video Editing

- Video 12: Behind the Scenes: AI Tools that Power BrandingBum

- Video 13: The AI Gold Rush: Boosting Business Growth with Video Content

- Video 14: ROI Unmasked: How AI is the Secret Weapon in Video Marketing

- Video 15: The BrandingBum Formula: Crafting ROI with AI and Video Content

- Video 16: Success Chronicles: The BrandingBum Clients Who Struck Gold

- Video 17: Gear Up: Preparing Your Business for the AI-Driven Video Revolution

- Video 18: Why BrandingBum is Your AI Matchmaker in Video Production

- Video 19: Inside the Lab: Unveiling BrandingBum's AI Magic

- Video 20: The BrandingBum Blueprint: Your Guide to AI and Video Strategy

Make a direct appeal to your audience. Invite them to be a part of your journey. Explain how they can support you (by subscribing to your services, sharing your content, etc.).

Remember, the secret is to provide substantial value to your audience. Make sure each video is comprehensive, actionable, and rich with insights. This way, you can build a strong rapport with your viewers, establish your authority in the video content domain, and make a compelling case for your services.

Examples for FusionPrompts:

(Theme: Educational - deep dive into AI and FusionPrompts, their capabilities and applications.)

1. 'Decoding AI: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence'

3. 'Harnessing AI: Real-World Applications of FusionPrompts'

4. 'AI Missteps: Lessons from Our AI Fails'

7. 'Scripting with FusionPrompts: Create Your Own Movie Sequel'

8. 'Exploring the AI Landscape: Reviewing New AI Tools'

10. 'AI Catalyst: How AI Can Enhance Your Role Instead of Replacing You'

Remember, this is a suggested structure and you can always mix and match the video topics based on the engagement and feedback from your audience. Listen to your viewers and adapt the content to suit their interests and needs. This will not only keep them engaged but also build a loyal viewer base.

Shubham's Prompt

bumgpt i said 2 videos per week? and these are only a total of 30 videos so how exactly does it solve my problem??

Response by BumGPT

I apologize for misunderstanding your request. Since you want two videos per week for a year, you'll need a total of approximately 104 videos. Let's extend those playlists with additional topics for each one:

  1. The Future of AI and FusionPrompts: What’s Next?

  2. Interactive Session: Answering Your Questions About AI and FusionPrompts

  3. FusionPrompts for Beginners: A Starter Guide to Harnessing AI

  4. AI Ethics: Discussing the Responsible Use of AI Tools like FusionPrompts

  5. AI in Everyday Life: Practical Uses of FusionPrompts You Didn’t Know About

  6. AI for Creatives: How FusionPrompts Can Unleash Your Creativity

This series should not only be informative but also inspirational, giving your audience a real and honest look into the life of an entrepreneur and the process of building a business. This kind of content is often highly appreciated for its transparency and relatability. Plus, it positions your brand as one that's not afraid to show the behind-the-scenes and human aspects of running a business.

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