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S01E10 The Real Content Creation Journey Continues

create a list of structured videos in series for the next 1 year to be put up on brandingbums channel.

Jun 23, 2023

Shubham's Prompt

bumgpt, this is great, ok, now take all the previous content you suggested, mix and match it accordingly to create 3 different playlists for brandingbums youtube channel. 1: the journey of building brandingbum 2: ai and fusionprompts related 3: brandingbum and content creation.

create a list of structured videos in series for the next 1 year to be put up on brandingbums channel, the aim is to atleast post 2 videos per week.

maintain my mentioned tone of voice

Response by BumGPT

Absolutely! Here's a 10-week content strategy for BrandingBum, a video production agency with a twist, to be posted across LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and your blog.  

**Week 1:** 

1. *How-to Video:* How to Create Engaging Videos for Your Brand (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* Basics of Video Editing: A Step-by-Step Guide (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Controversial Take: Why Most Brand Videos Fail (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-Depth Tutorial: Shooting Professional Videos Using an iPhone (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "What are the Best Video Formats for Social Media?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Funny Mistakes in Big Brand Commercials (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

**Week 2:** 

1. *How-to Video:* How to Storyboard for Your Brand Video (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* Lighting Techniques for Professional Video Shooting (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Quick Hack: Enhancing Video Quality with Simple Tools (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-Depth Tutorial: Using Animation in Your Videos (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Video Marketing Best Practices (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "How Long Should My Brand Video Be?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Reimagining Popular Commercials with a Twist (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

Continue this pattern for the remaining weeks, each time choosing topics relevant to video production and marketing. Address frequently asked questions and common challenges in the industry. Keep the content varied and engaging, balancing educational content with entertaining pieces. 

For the 'Series Video', alternate between Controversial Takes, Quick Hacks, and Critiques. This will keep the audience interested and ensure you cover a range of topics.  

The 'Engagement Grab' could be a funny skit, a challenge, or a light-hearted critique of common mistakes in video production. Remember, this is meant to entertain and engage your audience. 

Finally, track engagement on each type of content to understand what resonates best with your audience and adjust your content plan accordingly. 

Remember to include clear calls to action where relevant – ask viewers to comment, share, sign up for your newsletter, or check out your services. 

**Week 3:** 

1. *How-to Video:* The Art of Selecting the Perfect Music for Your Videos (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* Essential Camera Angles for Capturing Impactful Shots (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Critique: Evaluating Award-Winning Brand Videos (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-Depth Tutorial: DIY Solutions for Audio Recording (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Advanced Techniques in Video Editing (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "How Do I Choose Locations for Shooting My Videos?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Our Team Attempts the Viral Video Challenge of the Week (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

**Week 4:** 

1. *How-to Video:* Building a Budget for Your Video Production (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* Managing Your Production Schedule Efficiently (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Controversial Take: Why Your Videos Don't Need Hollywood Budgets (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-Depth Tutorial: Creating a Stunning Logo Animation for Your Videos (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Optimizing Your Videos for SEO (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "Should I Hire Actors for My Brand Video?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes from Our Latest Shoot (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

**Week 5:** 

1. *How-to Video:* Scriptwriting for Your Brand Videos: A Beginner's Guide (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* How to Create Captivating Thumbnails for Your Videos (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Quick Hack: 5 Free Tools Every Video Producer Should Know About (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-Depth Tutorial: 3D Modeling for Your Videos (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Using Drones for Breathtaking Aerial Shots (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "How to Make My Videos Stand Out on Social Media?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Reacting to the Funniest Brand Videos of All Time (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

Remember, consistency is key. Stick to the schedule and engage with your followers regularly. Respond to comments, ask questions, and use all available features to maximize engagement. For instance, utilize Stories on Instagram and LinkedIn, or Fleets on Twitter, for behind-the-scenes content, short updates, and interactive polls or quizzes. Regularly monitor your analytics and be prepared to tweak your strategy based on your audience's responses and engagement. 

**Week 6:**

1. *How-to Video:* Building an AI Startup: Financial Considerations (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* Utilizing AI for Business Efficiency (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Controversial Take: Will AI Take Over Human Jobs? (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-Depth Tutorial: Natural Language Processing for Beginners (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Using AI for Data Analysis (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "How Can I Use AI to Improve My Business Operations?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Imagining the Future: Sci-Fi Concepts That May Soon Be Reality Thanks to AI / Our Team's Predictions for the Next Big AI Trends (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

**Week 7:** 

1. *How-to Video:* Understanding the Ethics of AI (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* How to Leverage AI for Improved Customer Experiences (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Quick Hack: 5 Free AI Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-Depth Tutorial: Developing a Recommendation System Using AI (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Building Chatbots Using AI (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "Answering Your Questions: How Do I Make My Content Stand Out?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Reacting to AI Predictions from Famous Sci-Fi Movies (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

As always, remember to actively engage with your community, answer their questions and comments, and keep a watchful eye on your analytics to adjust your strategy as needed. Being open to feedback and maintaining a regular posting schedule can significantly boost your online presence and overall brand image. 

**Week 8:** 

1. *How-to Video:* Making Money from AI: How to Monetize Your AI Skills (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* Step-by-Step: Creating Your First AI-based Content (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* AI Trends: What's Hot in 2023? (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-depth Tutorial: How to Build an AI Model for Content Generation (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Leveraging AI for SEO and Content Marketing (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "How Can I Create Passive Income Streams as an AI Enthusiast?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Debate: Can AI Eventually Replace Human Content Creators? (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

**Week 9:** 

1. *How-to Video:* Entrepreneurial Growth: How AI Can Accelerate Your Business (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* Strategies for Using AI to Create and Sell Digital Products (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* AI Controversies: Discussing AI Ethics and Their Impact on Business (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-depth Tutorial: How to Use AI for Content Curation and Personalization (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Mastering AI Tools for Business Analytics (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "What are the Risks of Relying on AI for My Business?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Futuristic Friday: Envisioning the Role of AI in 2030's Businesses (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

**Week 10:** 

1. *How-to Video:* Making Your Content Stand Out with AI (LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) 

2. *How-to Video:* How to Create an AI-powered Content Strategy / Content Creation with GPT-4: What You Need to Know (Instagram, Twitter, Blog) 

3. *Series Video:* Quick Hacks: 5 AI Tools to Boost Your Content Creation Process (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

4. *Value Bomb:* In-depth Tutorial: How to Automate Your Content Distribution with AI (Instagram, Blog) 

5. *Value Bomb:* Full Tutorial: Using AI for Predictive Analytics in Business / Creating Viral Content: Applying Jonah Berger's STEPPS Model (LinkedIn, YouTube) 

6. *Comment Response:* Answering: "How Can I Use AI to Engage Better with My Audience?" (Twitter, Instagram) 

7. *Engagement Grab:* Sunday Funday: The Funniest AI Failures and What We Can Learn From Them (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) 

Remember, the key to success is consistency, authenticity, and active community engagement. Tailor your content according to the feedback and preferences of your audience, and don't hesitate to iterate your strategy based on your performance metrics. 

Shubham's Prompt

Use the above to create highly detailed content strategy and content marketing guidelines and lead brandingbum to form a unique identity and create a ton of value for their audience bumgpt

Response by BumGPT

Definitely! Here's how we can translate the summarized points into engaging and instructive content for BrandingBum:

BrandingBum's Guide to Masterful Content Marketing Series:

1. Video 1: "Unlocking the Power of Content Marketing: Why It's Essential for Your Brand" - Dive into the fundamental aspects of content marketing and understand why it’s pivotal for building strong relationships with your audience.

2. Video 2: "Tugging at Heartstrings: The Emotional Connect in Content Marketing"* - Explore how emotions shape audience engagement and learn strategies to tap into these emotions for maximum impact.

3. Video 3: "Authenticity: The Key Ingredient in Winning Content"* - Uncover the importance of authenticity in content creation, and discover practical ways to maintain genuineness across your content.

4. Video 4: "Get Your Content Seen: Mastering Content Distribution"* - Understand how to strategically distribute content across various platforms frequented by your target audience.

5. Video 5: "The Art of Iteration: Continuously Improving Your Content Strategy"* - Learn about the necessity of ongoing testing, iteration, and improvement in content marketing for optimal results.

6. Video 6: "The Long Game: Understanding Persistence in Content Marketing"* - Discover the significance of patience and persistence in seeing long-term results from your content marketing efforts.

7. Video 7: "Creating a Cohesive Marketing Strategy: The Importance of Team Alignment" - Highlight the necessity for a unified team working towards shared marketing goals for better outcomes.

8. Video 8: "Adapting to Market Forces: Staying Relevant Amid Change"* - Learn how to adapt your content marketing strategy to stay relevant in the face of changing market trends and dynamics.

9. Video 9: "The Role of AI in Content Marketing: Assistance, Not Replacement"* - Understand how AI can augment your content marketing efforts without overshadowing the irreplaceable human touch.

10. Video 10: "Knowing Your Audience's Habitat: Distributing Content Wisely"* - Gain insights into the importance of understanding your audience's routines and habits for effective content distribution.

Through this series, we'll take our audience on a captivating journey, helping them master the art of content marketing, staying authentic, and continually adapting to changing market trends. Stay tuned on the BrandingBum channel for valuable insights and exciting content coming your way!

Shubham's Prompt

I want you to take only the insights, and then create a unique content strategy for me for brandingbum

Response by BumGPT

Certainly! Based on the insights gathered from the summarized points, here's a unique content strategy for BrandingBum:

Content Pillars:

1. Educational: Position BrandingBum as a thought leader in the design and video production space. Share insights about content marketing, the role of emotions, AI applications, and market adaptations. This could be blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and tutorial videos.

2. Authentic Stories: Show behind-the-scenes content that exhibits the genuine and human side of BrandingBum. Share the process of content creation, team collaboration, and learning moments to build trust with the audience.

3. Community Engagement: Involve your audience in your content. Host Q&As, live sessions, community challenges, and competitions. Engage with your audience's content and encourage them to share their own stories and experiences with your brand.

4. Innovation Showcase: Highlight how BrandingBum stays ahead of the curve by integrating AI in the workflow, how it adapts to changing market trends, and how it's constantly testing and iterating strategies. Use case studies, client testimonials, and success stories.

Shubham's Prompt

BrandingBum should take inspiration from content leaders in the space. Look at how other successful brands structure their content and campaigns, what channels they use, how they engage with their audience, and how they measure success. For example, the Superside YouTube channel provides a wealth of knowledge about marketing and design, including in-depth webinars and shorter, focused videos on specific topics. 

Response by BumGPT

Here's a simple content plan, strategy, and marketing campaign structure for BrandingBum: 

1. Content Strategy

Objective: Establish BrandingBum as an industry authority and reliable resource for branding, design, and marketing insights.  

Channels: Blog, YouTube, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), newsletters, webinars, and podcasts. 

Content Themes: Branding and design best practices, AI in marketing, creativity and innovation, leadership in the creative field, tips on using specific tools, interviews with industry leaders, and branding case studies. 

2. Content Plan

Mondays: Blog post on branding/design best practices. 

Wednesdays: YouTube video related to the blog post (how-to video, interview, case study). 

Fridays: Social media round-up of the week's content and relevant industry news. 

Biweekly Tuesdays: Newsletter recapping content, providing exclusive insights, and previewing upcoming content. 

Monthly: Host a webinar or podcast on a hot industry topic, featuring guest speakers. 

3. Marketing Campaign Structure 

Awareness Phase: Leverage SEO and social media marketing to draw attention to BrandingBum's content. Promote new blog posts and videos on all social channels. 

Interest Phase: Host live webinars and Q&A sessions on social media to engage the audience. Provide free resources (e.g., eBooks, cheat sheets) in exchange for email subscriptions. 

Decision Phase: Share success stories and case studies to show the value of BrandingBum's expertise. Offer exclusive content or early access to webinars for subscribers. 

Retention Phase: Regularly engage with subscribers via email marketing. Ask for feedback and suggestions to make them feel part of the community. Offer loyalty rewards such as discounts on any services you may offer. 

Promotion: Use social media advertising and Google Ads to extend the reach of top-performing content. Also consider collaborations or guest posting with complementary businesses to leverage their audience. 

4. Measurement 

Set clear KPIs such as website traffic, social media engagement, video views, email sign-ups, and webinar attendance. Use Google Analytics, social media insights, and email marketing analytics to track performance. Adjust the strategy as needed based on these insights.  

Remember to stay flexible and adjust the plan as needed based on your audience's feedback and engagement. Keep an eye on industry trends and adapt your content accordingly. The goal is to provide valuable and engaging content that reinforces BrandingBum's authority in the field. 

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