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We are a startup. Should our brand have personality?

Startups struggle to differentiate while taking care of their product and validating it with the costumers. Their brand personality can help make things easier.

Feb 5, 2024

It is well known that every company needs a brand identity to differentiate from its competitors, but it is less known that it needs to have a strategy that goes on behind its new logo or website. A brand needs more than that, it needs to talk directly to the customers and connect with them quickly.

Brand Personality as the bridge between your product and your customers

A startup having a brand personality can help a lot with delivering a product to its customers easier and faster, and to also keep them returning for more while they become a loyal customer. Let's explore the benefits of having a brand personality for your startup.

1. The brand will create familiarity

Familiarity is an important aspect that we, as humans, search for every time in every interaction we have with something, whether we recognize it or not. Nevertheless, if startups take advantage of this for their branding, they will be one step closer to having the brand their customers will cherish.

  • It will attract customers' eyes - Because the brand looks like their current self, or as their desired future self that handles the current problem very well, the brand will attract their attention.

  • Customers will feel recognized - The brand being so similar and dealing with the same problems as them, through the messaging, the customers will feel seen.

  • Customers will befriend the brand - Liking the brand so much, they will want to know more about the startup and the team behind it.

2. The customers will aspire to become like it

Customers will see the brand as the hero, and will start to follow the steps the brand recommends if they see it can solve their problems very easily, or if it stands for something they believe in.

  • They will start to act like the brand - The companies' brands can have a big impact on people's lives, and if they have a unique attitude towards something, customers tend to follow them.

  • They will engage more - Liking the brand so much due to either its messaging, the team behind it or the problem it solves for them, customers will begin to follow the startup on social media or even attend an event the startup's team members will be at.

3. The brand will have a special place in customers' minds

There are so many startups in the world, so how can customers remember just a few of them? Solving a real problem to them helps, but a brand having a unique personality helps your startup stand out more.

  • They will trust the brand - Due to the brand's consistency by keeping to its promises and solving their problems, the customers will recognize the brand as a trusted source. The brand consistency is an important part of any brand. It has to be established very clearly in the beginning, and it has to align, and stay aligned, with the core of the brand.

  • They will remember it easily - The Brand Experience it creates from the look & feel, its messaging, its core values, and the user experience, plays an important part in differentiating a brand in customers' minds from the other competitors.

  • They will tell their friends too - When a customer likes a brand so much, they recommend it to their friends and family who they think will benefit from it too.

4. The customers will buy again and again

The last step of your customers becoming loyal customers is the fulfillment and empowerment they get from your startup, brand, and product. At this point, they are returning customers.

  • They will support what you stand for - What you stand for, and what they stand for are the same thing at this point. You can be sure they will stand by you, and buy your products at the same time.

  • The brand will become a way for them to express their own personality - Think Apple for creatives. People love to join communities they care about, and if that means they should buy something to showcase that, they will.

  • They will feel like they belong with it - As your startup grows and your brand develops, the customers will meet new people with the same interests as theirs, creating a welcoming environment for more people like them.


A brand personality can create familiarity with the customers, making them aspire to become like it and follow its steps to solve their problem. Customers will have a special place for your brand at the top of their mind when they think of a startup, and they will buy again and again to showcase that they believe in you and what you stand for.

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